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The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will instruct his patients in the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of their health.
At INTRC Energy Medicine, food is our medicine.
Over the years, both traditional forms of healing and Chinese medicine have agreed that a healthy diet is important for healing and protecting one’s health. So our approach to food is to look beyond the basic function of food to appreciate its medicinal value and healing properties. In other words, we’re either eating to fight a disease or feeding the disease. Therefore, at NTRC Energy Medicine, we use food as one of the natural ways to heal the body.
The foods we recommend to our clients, whether for their healing or rejuvenation, are devoid of processed foods and low-variety foods that compromise our health.
Since our bodies cannot process all the substances, we need to consume foods that produce energy and provide the building blocks that the body requires to maintain optimal health. Hence, we must eat to live instead of living to eat. Every meal you consume should affect the way you feel and your overall outcome.
Therefore, using food as medicine, we always recommend to our clients that 75% of their foods be plant-based. Natural and organic foods act as medicine to heal and protect your body and give your immune system a break from preservatives, toxins, addictive chemicals, and other chemicals present in all processed foods. Healthy nutrition, rich in live foods, helps the body heal at the cellular level and build strong defenses against diseases and environmental toxins.
In view of the foregoing, at NTRC Energy Medicine, we stock a variety of organic plant-based proteins. Healthy oils, spices, and mushrooms that empower and energize your body.
These include the following:
Shiitake mushroom
Oysters mushroom
Red red rice
Black lentils
Grape seeds
Almonds kernels
Sunflower seeds
Green pumpkin seeds
Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
Interesting all our products are purely organic
We also stock
Black Soybean powder
Noni berry enzyme
Hydrogen rich flask
Ceylon Cinamon


Since water constitutes about 70% of the body mass, not taking adequate water will lead to cellular and organ damage, which will result in premature aging, diseases, and eventually death. Hence, in NTRC Energy Medicine, we consider water to be medicine. When the cells are deprived of the required water they need to function optimally, all systems are stressed and must work harder to empower the body. Therefore, we must always deliberately drink adequate water to ensure cellular-level healing. At INTRC Energy Medicine, we don’t just encourage our clients to stay hydrated; we go a step further by introducing them to hydrogen-rich water, which is also called holy water and the fountain of youth.
The hydrogen-rich water is gotten using the hydrogen-rich water flask born out of research by scientists into the four water wonders of the world that have so many therapeutic effects that millions of people visit the sites to get healed.
Hydrogen can remove foreign materials as well as excessive free radicals that speed up the aging of cells and tissues. Hence, regular consumption of hydrogen-rich water has the following health benefits:
1. Antioxidant properties: reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Ease lung inflammation, which could benefit asthmatics, and help relieve inflammation of the liver. Slow down the progression of rheumatism.
2. Anticancer potential: shrink cancer cells and inhibit their growth.
3. Fat metabolism and diabetes: enhance bowl function, promote weight loss, improve the metabolism of fat and glucose even for people who have type 2 diabetes, reduce cholesterol levels, and promote a fatty liver.
4. Bone and muscle strength: Prevent osteopenia and bone loss, which occur when we age.


At NTRC Energy Medicine, we use the following equipment to improve the health and wellness of the body:

Far Infrared Spectrum energy room/bucket, Smart Automatic Spine Reset and Moxibustion Machine

Far Infrared Spectrum energy room/bucket

Far-infrared rays produce two effects. One is the thermal effect, and the other is the resonance effect, which heats up the human body to improve health and wellness. 
It stimulates the infrared of the sunlight irradiating on the human body to reinforce the inner energy of the body. In particular, the far infrared with a wavelength between 8 and 14 microns is called the “Light of Life,” without which all creatures across the world cannot survive. Through years of research, Lilong has been successfully able to narrow the infrared to about 9–13 microns. The human body can release infrared rays with a wavelength between 9.3 and 9.6 microns. When both infrared rays interfere, the resonance effect occurs, through which the inner energy of the body is enhanced. 
The thermal effect refers to the infrared energy penetrating beneath the skin to organs and tissue so that the solar energy can heat up the human body, stimulating molecules to move around more to elevate the body temperature. Under both infrared rays, the same frequency resonance effect occurs, which can double the inner energy of our body and invigorate cells and organs to improve the quality of life. 
The substances that release infrared are the carbon crystal silver paste far-infrared heating plate, which is the most advanced in the infrared field and gives the best therapeutic effect.  It makes one live longer through:
1. Total body detoxification
2. Removal and prevention of sickness-causing microorganisms
3. Anti-cancer
4. Calming effect on the entire body
5. Takes care of pain of any type, including spine
6. Regulates blood pressure.
7. Elevates mood
8. It rejuvenates the body.


Energy medicine is a powerful tool that can help us tap into the subtle energy fields of our bodies. By balancing, restoring, and optimizing the flow of energy, we can improve our overall health and well-being. Herbal supplements, too, can provide essential nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that support energy production and maintenance. They can help treat and prevent many chronic and non-communicable diseases, including a few communicable diseases.
Pharmacist Ben Amodu is a shining example of the benefits of energy medicine and herbal supplements in Nigeria. As a researcher in herbal products and an expert in phyto-medicinal research, he has been involved in various expositions and workshops within and outside the country. Our patients have given us positive feedback after using the herbal supplements in conjunction with our food, water and equipment.
Ben has been able to cure many diseases that are considered incurable by orthodox medicine, such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, staphylococcus, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, ulcer, asthma, and cancer. With supplements that are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nigeria Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), which is a WHO herbal medicine center of excellence, and in conjunction with our food, water, and equipment.
Herbal supplements have many advantages for developing countries like Nigeria. It is natural with no side effects, more compatible with local culture and traditions, more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and more holistic and personalized when used with the right food and equipment when the need arises.
By combining herbal supplements with energy medicine techniques such as food, water, and equipment, we can boost the effectiveness of the herbs and address the root causes of diseases. This powerful combination has helped us achieve good health and longevity for ourselves and our patients.