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NTRC Energy Medicine can help you transform your health and lifestyle.
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Whether you are looking for healing, wellness, or prevention, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your health goals. Our services include energy medicine, which involves use of our equipment’s, food, water and natural remedies, acupuncture, lifestyle modifications through counselling and more. We are committed to providing a safe, respectful, and confidential environment for our clients.

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NTRC Energy Medicine can help you transform your health and lifestyle.


At NTRC Energy Medicine, we use the following equipment to improve the health and wellness of the body:
Far Infrared Spectrum energy room/bucket, Smart Automatic Spine Reset and Moxibustion Machine
Far Infrared Spectrum energy room/bucket
Far-infrared rays produce two effects. One is the thermal effect, and the other is the resonance effect, which heats up the human body to improve health and wellness. 


At NTRC Energy Medicine, food is our medicine.
Over the years, both traditional forms of healing and Chinese medicine have agreed that a healthy diet is important for healing and protecting one’s health. So our approach to food is to look beyond the basic function of food to appreciate its medicinal value and healing properties. In other words, we’re either eating to fight a disease or feeding the disease. Therefore, at NTRC Energy Medicine, we use food as one of the natural ways to heal the body.


Since water constitutes about 70% of the body mass, not taking adequate water will lead to cellular and organ damage, which will result in premature aging, diseases, and eventually death. Hence, in NTRC Energy Medicine, we consider water to be medicine. When the cells are deprived of the required water they need to function optimally, all systems are stressed and must work harder to empower the body. Therefore, we must always deliberately drink adequate water to ensure cellular-level healing.


Energy medicine is a powerful tool that can help us tap into the subtle energy fields of our bodies. By balancing, restoring, and optimizing the flow of energy, we can improve our overall health and well-being. Herbal supplements, too, can provide essential nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that support energy production and maintenance. They can help treat and prevent many chronic and non-communicable diseases, including a few communicable diseases.

OUR Equiptments

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Energy Medicine is not just a set of ideas somewhere out in the ethers. It is a potent force that you can easily tap into and use to transform your life

Far Infrared Spectrum energy room has the following effects amongst others:
Penetration effect: Penetrate up to 3-5cm underneath the skin and act on deep tissues Far Infrared can penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of human body as a result the temperature of the deep subcutaneous tissue is elevated through the thermal effect. The micro vessels are expanded, the blood circulation is…

This equipment has its features built into the jade mineral stone rollers, which produce far infrared energy that travels up and down the spine in a circular motion while traveling up and down the bed while administering gentle pressure and massaging your back from the base of the skull all the way to the bottom of the spine and also realigning the spine. 
Far infrared heat produces vasodilation, which delivers strong benefits to the neck, lumbar, thoracic, and pelvic areas.

Far Infared spectrum Energy Bucket

Far-infrared Spectrum Energy Bucket is equipped with extensive area of
carbon crystal far-infrared spectrum heating plate. Carbon is the important material in
the carbon crystal far infrared spectrum heating plate, whose essence is carbon crystal. The heating plate is characterized by high energy efficiency, high stability and high far infrared emissivity…

Moxibution is a kind of external treatment in traditional Chinese medicine whose main ingredient is mugwort leaves or floss, which will be ignited to produce moxibution heat that stimulates acupoints or specific parts of the human body to regulate physiological and biochemical functions by stimulating meridians and collaterals so as to achieve prevention and health care.


We are the Best in Energy Medicine

We are using Energy medicine consisting of our Equipements, Food, Water and Supplements

  • To Empower immune system against virus

  • To Assist in the prevention of heart attack and stroke

  • To Stimulate the fitness level

  • To Assist in better sleep

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