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Frequently Asked Questions

As a medical practitioner, I will address 10 frequently asked questions about energy medicine and provide concise answers to each:

What is energy medicine, and how does it work?

Energy medicine is a holistic approach that balances the body’s energy systems to promote healing by restoring flow and balance.

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What conditions can energy medicine treat?

Energy medicine can address physical ailments like pain, migraines, cancer
Blood pressure
Fatty liver
Coronary heart disease
Liver cirrhosis
All forms of Arthritis eg osteoarthritis , rheumatoid, gout, psoriatic fibromyalgia
All form of spondylosis and spine related issues
Parkinson syndrome

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Is energy medicine scientifically proven?

While not fully understood by conventional science, energy medicine has shown promising results in studies and continues to be explored.

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Are there any side effects of energy medicine?

Energy medicine techniques are generally safe with no side effects.

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Can energy medicine be used alongside conventional treatments?

Yes, energy medicine can complement conventional treatments. Inform both your energy medicine practitioner and primary healthcare provider for coordinated care.

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How soon can I expect results from energy medicine?

Results vary depending on the individual and condition. Some may experience immediate relief, while others require multiple sessions for significant improvements.

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Is energy medicine suitable for children and older adults?

Yes, energy medicine can be used for people of all ages. Choose experienced practitioners familiar with the unique needs of children and older adults.

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Can energy medicine replace traditional treatments?

Energy medicine is not a replacement for traditional treatments. It is a complementary approach that supports overall well-being.

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How can I learn energy medicine techniques for self-care?

Consider attending workshops, courses, or seeking guidance from qualified practitioners to learn energy medicine techniques for self-care purposes.

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How can I find a reliable energy medicine practitioner?

Seek recommendations from trusted sources, such as your primary healthcare provider, friends, or family. Look for certified practitioners with relevant training and experience.

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